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To himself



Born in 1981 Fujian, China. Presently staying in Beijing, as full time professional artist.
2011 Existence without immortality----Moden female artists exhibition The china millennium contemporart art museum Beijing
2011 history new songzhuang Sunshine Internaiona Museum Beijing
2011 Art Archives Of the 80's Generation ( I ) SongzhuangMuseum Beijing
2011 “ Deconstruction and Style” Chinese contemporary art thirty people invitation exhibition Manet Club Beijing Beijing
2011 “Spring Chill” Exhibition of contemporary art LDX ConternporaryArt Center Beijing
2011 "Oriental Artists Exhibition," San Francisco Cultural Arts Center American
2011 “MERRY-GO-ROUND” Chinese New Painting Awarg TIMES ART MUSUEM Beijing
2010 New wave of chinese contemporary art California State University American
2010 “Spark” recommended Young Artists Exhibition by Jason Gallery, Beijing
2010 Li Manjin’s First Solo Exhibition in Singapore – Reaching for Meaning Singapore
2010 Special Touch Beijing
2009 “+(86)0102–10ContemporaryArtistGroupExhibition”Y2ARTSShowroom Singapore
2009 Artists community exhibition Beijing
2009 OneHundredArtisticIdealsIndigenousArtExhibitionCenter Beijing
2009 “on the spot” Songzhuang A area art museum Beijing
2009 “Shi guang . Huang you”, Exhibition of contemporary art Beijing.
2008 "Manner of leaving Varies" the Ba River culture arts center Beijing
2008 Living in Songzhuang Female Artist Exhibition” Songzhuang Arts Museum Beijing.
2008 "Body And Heart" 798 Mulpa spaces Beijing
2007 “Rainbow Bay International Art Centre”, Opening Exhibition Beijing.
2007 “He”, Chia annd Foreign Countries Artists Group Exhibition, 1 Art base A-SPACE Beijing
2007 “Living In Songzhuang”, Songzhuang Art Gallery Beijing.
2006 The Second Session of SONGZHUANG Art Festival Beijing

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