2010930 Oil on Canvas, 30.5cmX40cm

2011205 Oil on Canvas, 30.5cmX40cm

2011306 Oil on Canvas, 92.6cmX73cm 2011906 Oil on Canvas, 92.6cmX73cm 2012526 Oil on Canvas, 100cmX80cm

2012610 Oil on Canvas, 100cmX80cm

2012615 Oil on Canvas, 100cmX73cm

20101007 Oil on Canvas, 30.5cmX40cm
Hu Xiaogang  

1958 Born in Kunming£¬Yunnan Province
1985¡ª1987 Srudied in Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
China Oil Painting Association
Water-color Committee£¬Yunnan Artist Association
Engaged Professor of Yunnan University£¬Professional painter


Solo Exhibitions
1997 Hu Xiaogang Water-color Exhibition£¬Kunming
1998 Hu Xiaogang Water-color Exhibition£¬Dali
1999 Hu Xiaogang Water-color Exhibition£¬Shangri-la
2006 ¡°On The Plateau¡±Oil Landscape Exhibition£¬Kunming Exhibitions
1984 The 6th National Fine Arts Exhibition£¬Shenyang
1986 Annual Exhibition of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts£¬Chongqing
1989 Yunnan Miniature Oil Painting Exhibition£¬Kunming
1991 The 3rd China Art Festival Fine Arts Exhibition£¬Beijing
1992 Guangzhou Biannual£¬Guangzhou
1996 Yunnan Oil Painting Association First Exhibition£¬Kunming
2002 China Military The 10th Fine Arts Exhibition£¬Beijing
2003 The 3rd China Oil Painting Exhibition£¬Beijing
2004 The 10th National Fine Arts Exhibition£¬Beijing
2005 China water-color Group Exhibition£¬Malaysia
2006 ¡°Imago Landscape¡±Exhibition£¬Yun Gallery£¬Kunming
2007 Approach to Guishan£¬SooBin Art Int¡¯l£¬Singapore
2008 ¡°Back to Guishan¡±Exhibition of the 63rd Year Anniversary of UN Day
2009 ¡°The First Touch¡±Taibei Kunming Hongkong Contemporary Group Exhibition£¬Kunming



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