Keys terms for my recent paintings are the fusion of symbols, juxtaposition of languages, and visual compulsion.
Chen Ke

I attempt to transfigure the motifs, colors, and signs in art history into broader meanings.
This results from my desire and the process of my thinking.
In my recent works, I started to confront my living condition and my background and its relation to the development of contemporary society. In my paintings, meat is the reflection of my confrontation. Through art, I face meat, which is a material sign and also, for me, a spiritual symbol, visually. I use meat as a carrier to transfigure certain symbols in logical or illogical ways. Thus I fuse two signs or weaken them. The transfiguration of the sign is what I mean by the term "visual compulsion" because audiences are forced to receive the new meanings of the signs through my account. This compels audiences to see the deeper meanings of the original signs. This is the intention of my creation.
In my recent works, I keep the sense of drawing. I can be inspired to paint by the power of the images that I paint. This power creates in me a desire to paint and is my logic of the transfiguration. Thus, I transfigure historical moments into contemporary reality.

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