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A Flower Blossoms in the Wild as It Waits for Full Bloom:
Liu Zheng, for the Love of Painting
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Liu Zheng  

1965 Born in Beijing
1989 Graduated from Department of Foreign Languages, Capital Normal University, majored in French Language and Literature
1992 to 1999 Traveling in Africa
2005 Professional painting in Songzhuang started
October 2006 2nd China Songzhuang Cultural and Art Festival
November 2006 Beijing Times Gallery 1st Contemporary Art Top-pick Show
December 2006 Beijing Dongcheng District Art Center 1st Oil-painting Show
December 2006 Beijing Soemo Fine Arts Gallery Unveiling Show
March 2007 Beijing Udumbara Flower Gallery Invitation Show
July 2007 Songzhuang Fine Arts Gallery Contemporary Art Show

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