My Art View

Liu Zheng

The source of my artistic creation is a value judgment of modern concepts. I strive to offer paintings of unique experience. I wish to portray modern existence objectively.
Obviously, the western painting materials and the deep traditional Chinese cultural influence in my works, in particular, the prevalent shades in my paintings support my art view. Ideologically speaking, shades represent a shadowy view of human life. Shades also bear oriental artistic legacy. Shades are buffer zones in the battlefield between society and humanity, where dialogue between the opposing forces melts and spreads out. Shades liberate audience from stereotypical visual experience and help them approach surrealistic truth. Shades are nostalgic story-telling in a dilute whisper. They are free from rhetorical and descriptive extravaganza.
Modern painting values expression of concepts. But I still see the importance of skills, without which expression will be distorted or the underlying concepts lost.
The temperament of the painting is essential. It is a sensual pursuit, determined by the spirit of works and aesthetic values of the artist. I am particularly interested in nurturing my own temperament. I experience, read, observe and contemplate in order to develop my sensitivity to artistic issues. The temperament of my works is indifference and poetry. My current works are grounded on the limitless desolation underlying modern metropolitan prosperity.
Detailed description of glass contributes to the expression of themes in virtual space. Via translucency, reflection, refraction and diffusion, glass creates dreamy or realistic images. They illustrate the misconception, illusion, fabrication and aspiration between reality and virtual reality.
I use photos when I paint, which deviates from traditional painting ethics. But this helps me get rid of petty inconveniences outside of painting. It creates a comfort zone for me to concentrate on my creation. Photos also help me freely disintegrate established framework of the real world. Material components of my painting can be chosen at my discretion to deepen my themes.
As I understand, quality of contemporary paintings is measured in their originality, academic quality and sophistication of social criticism. I am still exploring such matters.

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