Colourful Seaside 81X60cm   Love at East Sea 70X50.5cm   Black Sea Spring Days 116X89cm   The Song of the sea 80X60cm
Ferrying 92X72cm   Serene Wan River 80.3X60.2cm   Yangtze River 81X65cm   River brimming 80X70cm
Twilight 32X19cm   River in Spring 16X14cm   Thin Mist 40X30cm
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Long Chuan

Long Chuan,born in 1964,showed great talent for painting as a child. He acted as an art teacher when he was in the army in 1982. In 1987 he took an exam and got enrolled to the painting department of Anhui,Chao Hu college. He worked on painting teaching for years after graduation. Since 2004,he has been getting education in Russia until now,learning from Professor Dajine and Jelline. During this period,he visited France,Germany and some other European countries,travelling and learning. Long Chuan currently is a member of Russian artists association as well as a professional artist.


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