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Gao Hao


Gao Hao  was born in Liaoning Province.


Graduated from the LuXun Academy of Fine Arts in 1992.
Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, graduate student, in1996.
Solo exhib
The world of fish Exhibit in 1999.  Contemporary Art Museum Beijing
Condition·Fish Exhibit in 2001.   Fengyide Gallery Beijing
Gouache Painting·Life Exhibit in 2006.   Zhijinxuan Gallery  Beijing

Group Exhibitions

Participated in Graduate student art works for the final exhibit in 1996.  National Art Museum of China
Oil Painting of five artists in 1997.  Beijing
Contemporary Oil Painting of ten artists in 1998. National Art Museum of China
Contemporary Oil Painting of Chinese Cenozoic in 1998.   HongKong
Limit · Overful——70’s Oil Painting exhibition in 1999.  Beijing
Continue·Narrate exhibition of three artists in 2000. Beijing
New status——Contemporary Art request exhibition in 2002.  Beijing

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