Small Eyes Over the World 1
Small Eyes Over the World 2
Shu Jie  

was born in 1972 at Xupu, Hunan Province, who is live and work in Beijing and Guangzhou City at present, In 2008, he gained Outstanding Artistic Achievement Medal during 30 years’ reform and open-up by both Chinese Culture Promotion Society andNational Museum of China.





1996 “Art And Society”, Shenzhen, China
1998 “Mask Vs Face”, Beijing, China
1999 “To Each His Own”, Guangzhou, China
2000 “Ecology-friendly New Life”, Guangzhou, China
2003 “City Skin”—Evolving contemporary art, Guangzhou, China
2003 “Experiments Starting From Calligraphy”, Zhengzhou, China
2006 “We Are All Creators”, Yangcheng Evening News, Guangzhou, China
2007?“Body Media”, Guangzhou, China
2008 “The Popular And Refined”, Underground 798, Beijing, China
2008 “Ah! We”—30 years of Chinese contemporary art, China National Center for the Performing Art, Beijing, China
2008 “Welcome”, Beijing, China
2008 “Small Eye Look World”, Guangzhou, China
2008 ShContemporary, Shanghai, China
2008 “Small Eye Look World”,Guangzhou,Sapphire Art Space,China



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