Sun Dawei


David Sun was born in Beijingㄛin 1961.
Enlisted in the Air Force of Wuhan in 1979,and began to create artworks in the Wuhan Air Force District Club. His teacher, Tian Kesheng is a well-known artist in the military back then.
Demobilized and went back to Beijing in 1981.
Graduated from The Capital Normal University (CNU) and received his bachelor degree in Oil Painting from The CNU Art Institute.
After his graduation, he began to teach art in The Art Education School, a branch of the Adult Education Bureau.
In May, 1988, one of his works “The Highlander” has been awarded in the Beijing Youth Oil Painting Exhibition held in the Art Museum and Gallery of The Crown Plaza in WangFujing, and have been published on the August issue of The Art Magazine of that year.
He began to study abroad in 1989, in The Art Institution of Queensland in Australia. His artwork “The Brook Side ”has been collected by a German collector after its exhibition in the 1992 China and Hong Kong Oil Painting Exhibition.
Immigrated to The United States in 1994,and studied in The Art Institution of The Georgia State University.
He opened his own art studio and gallery (Sun Art Studio&Gallery) in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996.
His artworks have been exhibited in The Olympic Art Festival held in Atlanta in 1997.
Held his individual art work exhibition“The Oriental Venice—Home of Waters Exhibition”in 1998.
In 1999, his artworks have been collected by collectors in the New York Art Exhibition.
In 2001, his individual art exhibition“David Golf World”,was held in the Northwest Fine Art Gallery in Seattle.
In 2003, his artworks were exhibited in the Palm Springs Fine Art Show held in California.
In 2004, Individual Artworks Exhibition was held in Seattle.
In 2005, Individual Artworks Exhibition was held in “Z Gallery”in Phoenix , Arizona. In the sane year, he became one of the artists in The Phoenix Art Corporation.
In 2006, established his individual art studio, and exhibited in the 2006 Chicago Art Festival.
Moved back to Beijing, China in 2007.
His individual art studio in Beijing was established in 2008.
His artworks were exhibited in the “Peculiar—The Modern Art Exhibition”in 798.
In August, 2008, his artworks exhibited in the “Very 08.08.08 Cn Modern Art Show”.


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